About us

The Idea

The laser has found its way into almost every area of everyday life in just a few years and continues to move into new areas of application - such as laser surface treatment. No other process enables metallic surfaces to be modified with such pinpoint accuracy as the laser does.

For example, a sensitive component can be made virtually indestructible by cladding it with thin layers of material with an extremely high level of hardness, or the contours of damaged components can be restored precisely.

However, although this process has an enormous number of applications over the entire spectrum of industry, it is largely unknown and is only used to a limited extent. Our aim is therefore to make this fascinating new technology available to a wide market.

Always at the forefront

All the processes we apply are continuously improved and further developed, so that we are always able to offer our customers the optimum solution to their problems. This refers to the process itself as well as the materials and equipment used.


We cooperate with various machine and component manufacturers as well as metal processing companies. Amongst others, we work together with PK-Systems for special designs of individual components or complete installations, and with the IFSW (Institut für Strahlwerkzeuge - Institute for Laser Beam Tools) for more academic issues.


Our customers include a large number of companies from the metal, plastics, stone and wood-working industries. Since the use of our technology represents a unique problem solution for many of these companies, we have opted not to name them for reasons of discretion