• laser deposit welding of a shaft

    Laser metal deposition is used to apply material locally and precisely for repairs or wear protection.

    •  High precision
    • Little or no deformation
    • Hardly any pores or shrinkage cavities
    • Also for aluminium
  • Laser hardened workpieces

    Hard only where necessary.

    Avoid unnecessary deformation by means of local surface hardening.

    •  Crack-free
    •  Little or no deformation
    • Oxidation-free hardening possible
  • laser welded seam

    Nice, firm connections with minimal thermal load

    • Seam width approx. 1..2 mm (max. 4mm)
    • Seam depth approx. 3..4 mm
    • High processing speed
    • Seams look very nice
  • We protect your workpieces with long-lasting cladding

    •   Long service lives
    • All steel, cast and aluminium alloys
    • No flaking because of welding
    • High reproducibility
    • Quick and effective damage limitation
    • No expesive replacements
    • Short machine standstill
  • repaired shank

    Use our know-how to solve your problems.

    We offer well-founded consulting in all areas of laser surface treatment.

    •  Preliminary analyses
    • Training
    • Laser integration